Merlot 2017 Gold Medal at China Wine Awards 2019

October 07, 2019

Merlot 2017 Gold Medal at China Wine Awards 2019

Fino Valley Winery, Auckland, New Zealand.
Fino Valley Winery based in Auckland, New Zealand has just won the most influential wine and spirits award in the world – the CWSA – China Wine and Spirits Awards. Winning a Gold CWSA medal, is the ultimate seal of approval in China – the soon-to-be largest wine and spirits market in the world.
CWSA is the most influential wine and spirits competition in the world - helping to sell a staggering 90 million bottles per year. CWSA Judges are exclusively selected from the most powerful buyers in China, and the CWSA competition is long renowned internationally as the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China.
China represents the fastest-growing market for wine on the planet and we predict China will become the world’s largest market for wines and spirits by 2021”, a CWSA Spokesman said. “To help international producers take advantage of this huge opportunity, CWSA brought together the 100 most influential wine and spirits buyers to Judge CWSA 2019.” 
CWSA judge Yu Kong Chow remarked that, "CWSA judges are top industry professionals who are selected for their wine expertise and understanding of the market. They are highly experienced buyers who have the right knowledge to guide consumers across Hong Kong and China to purchase quality wine and spirits products. Wherever I see CWSA Medal Stickers in stores or wine fairs, I feel a sense of pride that I was involved in shaping the market and helping individual consumers pick and choose exceptional wines and spirits."
At CWSA 2019 thousands of wines from around the world were rigorously blind-tasted and scored by top wine buyers. High profile entrants this year included Peter Lehmann, DFJ Vinhos, Viña San Pedro, E&J Gallo, Pernod Ricard, Taylors Wines, and Beaulieu Vineyard.
We are thrilled that our Hawkes Bay Proprietors Cellar Merlot performed so well at CWSA 2019” reported Ivan Tvrdeich. “We are very excited by the growth we are seeing in China. We will be proudly displaying our CWSA Medals to show case that Fino Valley is a Gold CWSA Medal Winner.
China is the most important growth market for us, whether selling within China, or around the world to Chinese tourists. CWSA is recognised globally and this award will push us forward.” Reported Ivan Tvrdeich, Export Director.

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