Fino Valley Launches into Blueberry Wine

August 30, 2020

Fino Valley Launches into Blueberry Wine

In 2019 we decided to try our hand at making a Blueberry Wine using our families traditional and century old methods to winemaking. 
Since launching, Blueberry has been extremely popular amongst the cellar door customers and especially in our key export markets such as China. 
Blueberry Wine is fermented at very cool temperatures and using quite a few "house secrets" we manage to retain high levels of Blueberry Aromas and Flavour and minimise the amount of tannins we extract in the winemaking process. 
We aim for 13.9% Alcohol to give the wine some "palate weight" and we leave the wine finished at medium sweetness which means this is the perfect wine to be served chilled at any lunch on a summers day with friends and family. 
Our favourite serving suggesting is simply Blueberry Wine served on Rocks, in a Sangria, Spritzer or in a cocktail such as a Blueberry Wine Sunrise.
Its the perfect wine to impress your friends with, such a rarity this wine will raise those eyebrows; even as a gift.
New Zealand wide purchasing and delivery is available through our website:
For export to any country please contact info@finovalley.com for further information.

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