Classic Old Tawny CWSA Gold

October 07, 2019

Classic Old Tawny CWSA Gold

Auckland, New Zealand.
One of our companies oldest and longest standing wines and labels continue to impress after over 40 Years of Winemaking. 
Old Tawny, our classic solera blended house fortified wine has been aged in a mixture of Whisky, Bourbon and French Oak Casks giving the fortified wine a very unique balance of flavour and complex aroma. Fortified 18% and coming in at around 80-90 g/L residual sugar, this wine is highly suitable for the Chinese markets preference for sweet specialities and high alcohol strength beverages.  The nature of this wine makes it very popular in the Chinese gifting culture - its aged for over 6 years before making it into bottle. The wines fortified nature has strong a remiscient to the Chinese very own popular beverage Baijiu and the popularity of Port and Port style wines have just began to be noticed and Fino Valley will look forward to continue the introduction and export of our fortified range into the Chinese market into 2020. 
We decided to enter our Classic Old Tawny into the highly rated and prestigious 2019 CWSA wine competition to check market suitability and of course to rate our fortified amongst other industry competitors wines.
We are glad to bring the great news that we received a Gold Medal for our Old Tawny and that we can continue to bring this product to market at such an excellent price-quality price point.
You can read more and purchase Classic Old Tawny here

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